Since May 1st, 2022, ALL shipping costs for large orders have been capped at a maximum rate of $95 per unit!

At BPH Sales, we understand the challenges many Canadian homes are facing right now with rising costs - we even see these rising costs ourselves with regular price increases from all manufacturers.

So, we decided to help in a small, but impactful way - we limited the maximum shipping costs for every large item order shipping to any of Canada's provinces and, for the northern 3 territories, on mid-size units. This amounts to savings between $50 for an HRV to saving over $400 for furnaces and air conditioners!

For a full set of details and information, please check out our online order Shipping Policy.

Reduced Shipping costs on all mid-size and large orders from BPH Sales with delivery to any Canadian province, and reduced costs for mid-size units shipping to the 3 northern territories.
May 16, 2022