Hybrid Water Heaters  - Residential Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

What is a heat pump water heater (HPWH)?

A heat pump water heater, or HPWH for short, is a modern, high-efficiency hot water heater that uses heat pump technology to heat water for use in your home (also known as DHW, or domestic hot water). Heat pumps extract energy from their surroundings, using electricity to power their compressors. This is also why they are often referred to as hybrid electric water heaters.

What is a hybrid water heater?

A hybrid water heater will use a heat pump for heating water during normal or low usage periods, exactly the same way that a heat pump water heater functions. However, during periods of high usage, a hybrid hot water heater will switch from the heat pump to heating with conventional electrical resistance. This is where the ‘hybrid’ part of the name comes from – heat pump hot water normally, with ‘traditional’ heating during peak periods.

Typically, though not always, hybrid water heaters are air-to-water heat pumps – heat pumps which extract heat energy from the surrounding air and transfer that heat energy to the hot water tank. Other types of heat pump hot water heaters include water-to-water systems, which take heat energy from a water source, such as a lake, river, or geothermal system, and transfer that heat to the residential hot water heater.

What other names are heat pump water heaters known by?

As with many residential HVAC and hot water systems, heat pump hot water heaters are commonly referred to by a variety of names, although not necessarily correctly or completely accurately. A sample list of names often used for heat pump water heaters includes:

  • air to water heat pump
  • heat pump hot water heater
  • heat pump hot water tank
  • hybrid water heater
  • high efficiency hot water tank
  • water heat pump
  • electric heat pump water heater
  • hybrid hot water heater
  • domestic hot water heat pump
  • hybrid heat pump water heaters
  • heat pump water tank
  • hybrid electric water heaters
  • hybrid hot water tank
  • water furnace heat pump
  • air source heat pump water heater
  • domestic hot water (DHW) heat pump

Are heat pump water heaters energy efficient?

Definitely! Heat pump hot water heaters are very efficient, especially when compared to conventional electrical resistance or gas water heaters! According to the US Department of Energy, heat pump water heaters can be up to 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than traditional water heaters!

Why should I consider a hybrid water heater?

The energy-efficient heat pump technology extracts heat from the air, resulting in significant energy savings. With fast recovery rates and multiple operating modes, hybrid hot water heaters ensure a consistent supply of hot water. Hybrid hot water tanks are versatile, easy to install, and can be easily retrofitted into existing spaces or furnace rooms.

Which heat pump water heater is the best?

This all depends on what YOU are looking for. Some considerations that will impact what is the best boiler may include:

  • What is your domestic hot water demand?
  • How many hot water outlets do you have (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry machines, dishwashers, etc.)?
  • Personal budget considerations
  • Local servicing or spare parts availability (not usually a problem for our offered brands, but something to consider nonetheless)

What are the monthly operating costs for a heat pump hot water tank?

Monthly operating costs depend heavily on how much hot water you use! Logically, the more hot water you use, the higher the operating costs will be. However, hybrid water heaters are typically found to be about 2 times less expensive than conventional electrical resistance water heaters to operate.

Whether or not a hybrid water heater is less expensive to operate than a gas or propane water heater depends heavily on the cost of gas/propane where you live. As gas and propane costs vary drastically across North America, we cannot give a definitive answer in this comparison.

What sizes of hybrid water heaters are available?

BPH Sales has a variety of sizes available to fit almost any sized home. If you aren’t sure what size you require, or if you require a size not listed on our website, feel free to contact our team for further support.

How much does an air to water heat pump cost?

This depends on the size of the hot water heater you require, as well as your preferences for brand, technology, controls, and more. A higher quality brand and model will typically cost more money upfront to purchase, but often saves you money throughout it’s lifetime.

Where are hybrid water heaters available?

Hybrid water heaters are available across Canada through BPH Sales!

Where can I install my new heat pump water heater?

Unlike heat pumps used for heating and cooling your home that are installed in outdoor locations, heat pump water heaters are installed inside your home. Heat pump water heaters can be installed in most locations around the home, although they are often best installed in locations with excess heat, such as in furnace rooms. Air source heat pump water heaters extract energy from the surrounding air, so the more air and the warmer all the better. Also, air to water heat pumps will require a minimum volume of air in a room, so small, cold closets without adequate louvres or air sources won’t be a good option.

What brands offer hybrid water heaters?

More information coming soon!