High Quality, Luxurious Residential Fireplaces

Napoleon Gas fireplaces available across Canada! Propane or natural gas burning, these fireplaces will not only keep you warm and cozy, but will also be added eye candy for anyone visiting your home.

Napoleon gas fireplace series & models available from BPH Sales include:

  • STARFire
    • STARfire 52, Natural Gas (HDX52NT-2)
    • STARfire 52, Propane (HDX52PT-2)
  • Plazmafire
    • Plazmafire 31, Natural Gas (WHD31)
    • Plazmafire 48, Natural Gas (WHD48N)
    • Plazmafire 48, Propane (WHD48P)
  • High Definition Series
    • HD81, Natural Gas (HD81-1)
  • Elevation X Series
    • X36, Natural Gas (EX36NTEL)
      X42, Natural Gas (EX42NTEL)
  • Altitude X Series
    • X36 Natural Gas (AX36NTE)
    • X36 Propane (AX36PTE)
    • X42 Natural Gas (AX42NTE)
    • X42 Propane (AX42PTE)
  • Ascent X Series
    • Ascent X36, Natural Gas (GX36NTRE-1)
    • Ascent X36, Propane (GX36PTRE-1)
    • Ascent X42, Natural Gas (GX42NTRE)
    • Ascent X42, Propane (GX42PTRE)
    • Ascent X70, Natural Gas (GX70NTE-1)
    • Ascent X70, Propane (GX70PTE-1)
  • Ascent Linear Series
    • Ascent B30 (B30NTRE-1)
    • Ascent B36 (B36NTRE)
    • Ascent B42 (B42NTRE)
    • Ascent B46 (B46NTRE)
  • Ascent Series
    • Linear 36 (BL36NTE-1)
    • Linear 46 (BL46NTE)
  • Ascent Multi-view Series
    • 2-sided Fire Cradle (BHD4STFCN)
    • 2-sided Glass Bed (BHD4STGN)
    • 2-sided Log Set (BHD4STN)
    • 3-sided Fire Cradle (BHD4PFCN)
    • 3-sided Glass Bed (BHD4PGN)
    • 3-sided Log Set (BHD4PN)
  • Customizable Acies Series
    • L38 Single Sided (L38N)
      L38 See Thru (L38N2)
      L50 Single Sided (L50N)
      L50 See Thru, (L50N2)