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Replacement Parts for Every Furnace

We have THE solution for your furnace problems!

With a complete range of replacement parts for all the leading furnace brands in Canada, BPH Sales is your go-to source. Whether you have a gas, propane, oil, or electric furnace, we offer the convenience of delivering right to your door.

What we offer:

  • Blower motors, burners, pressure switches, control boards, electrical elements, and more - BPH Sales has it all!
  • Fast delivery times: in-stock items typically arrive within 5 business days across most of Canada. For US shipments, please allow extra time for border and customs clearance.
  • Cross-continent service: we deliver daily to all corners of Canada and the United States.
  • Approved parts from all major brands: we work with leading manufacturers like Napoleon, Goodman, Armstrong, Dettson, and Stelpro daily. Don't see your brand listed, don’t worry – our team can still help!

Most common replacement parts for furnaces:

Every furnace is different, but our experiences show the following components as the most likely candidates for replacement:

  • Igniters: igniters light the furnace’s burner using an electric current, initiating the heating process.
  • Blower motors: blower motors drive the fan that circulates warm air throughout the home.
  • Flame sensors: flame sensors detect flames, ensuring the furnace burns fuel safely and efficiently.
  • Control boards: Acting as the furnace's brain, control boards manage electrical components and heating cycles.
  • Heat exchangers: transfer heat from combustion gases to the air distributed in the home, crucial for efficiency and safety.
  • Limit switches: monitor furnace temperatures to prevent overheating and potential damage.
  • Pressure switches: ensure correct air pressure and verify that the venting system is clear.
  • Pilot lights and assemblies: maintain a small flame that ignites the main burner. Not found on modern high-efficiency furnaces.
  • Vent motors: vent motors expel exhaust gases from the furnace to maintain safe indoor air quality.
  • Draft inducer motors: motors that establish a draft through the heat exchanger, essential for proper furnace operation.
  • Gas valves: regulate the flow of gas into the burner, controlling fuel input for safety and efficiency.

Looking for specific parts not listed above? Contact our team using the below contact form and we would be happy to help!

Determining which parts need to be replaced

Unsure which furnace parts require replacing? We always recommend that your first point of contact is your local HVAC service professional. They are best enabled to help identify the problem(s) and which part(s) require replacing.

As any HVAC professional is likely to tell you, troubleshooting can be tricky. As experienced and knowledgeable as our team of technical professionals are, troubleshooting and diagnosing a problematic furnace over the phone is not possible at this time.

Looking for furnace parts under warranty?

Unsure how to proceed with a warranty claim for replacement parts? First read through our Warranty FAQ guide. If you still have questions, or are ready to proceed with ordering your furnace parts, contact our team using the below form.

Replacement Parts Request

Please provide us with the below information so our service team can best help you. Feel free to provide any further relevant information in the message section below.

Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to get back to you. For urgent requests, please call us at 1-800-827-4306.

Note: if any of the requested information is not available, please state "N/A"