Propane & Natural Gas Greenhouse, Shop, & Garage Heating Solutions that Stand Up During Any Canadian Winter

Working in the cold sucks. Really, it does. So stop the suffering. Invest in one of our top quality garage heaters today to start benefiting from everything our non-living space unit heaters have to offer.

We are proud to offer a selection of premium quality shop, greenhouse, and garage heaters. With multiple brands, sizes, and types of space heating available, BPH Sales has a unit heater for every non-living space around every home!

We offer the following types of shop, greenhouse, & garage heating solutions:

  • Power Vented Gas Garage Heaters

    • Commonly also referred to as Vented Garage Heaters, Vented Unit Heaters, Propane or Natural Gas Garage Heaters, Propane or Natural Gas Shop Heaters, Propane or Natural Gas Space Heaters, Natural Gas or Propane Unit Heaters, Gas Shop Furnaces, or Propane Shop Furnaces
    • This is your standard unit heater and by far the most common type of shop or garage heater
    • Sizes available: 30,000 BTU, 45,000 BTU, 60,000 BTU, 75,000 BTU, 90,000 BTU, 100,000 BTU, 105,000 BTU, & 125,000 BTU
    • Brands available: Reznor Garage Heaters, Modine Hot Dawg Heaters, Allied Commercial by Lennox Garage Heaters
    • Standard as a Natural Gas garage heater, field-convertible to a propane garage heater
  • Separated Combustion Unit Heaters

    • Also known as Separate Combustion Garage Heaters or Separated Combustion Unit Heaters
    • Sizes available: 30,000 BTU, 45,000 BTU, 60,000 BTU, 75,000 BTU, 100,000 BTU, & 125,000 BTU
    • Brands available: Modine Hot Dawg, Reznor Garage Heaters
    • Standard natural gas (NG) combustion, field convertible to propane (LP)
  • Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

    • Also commonly known as Radiant Garage Heaters, Infrared Garage Heaters, Radiant Propane Heaters, Natural Gas Radiant Heaters, Infrared Gas Heaters
    • Available in 10 foot radiant tubes at 40,000 BTU/hr
    • Brands available: Schwank
    • Standard natural gas (NG) combustion, field convertible to propane (LP)
  • Forced Air Furnaces

    • Common types of forced air furnaces that can also be used for heating a garage include propane or gas furnaces, electric furnaces, or hydronic furnaces
    • Upside of using a forced air furnace is that they are typically higher efficiency than other unit heater or garage heater types
    • Downside compared to your standard unit heater is that a furnace requires ducting to efficiently distribute the heated air
    • Available in sizes to heat any sized shop, garage, or greenhouse

A little bit more about the brands we offer:

  • Modine Hot Dawg

    • a long-time favourite across North America, Hot Dawg garage heaters are synonymous with quality and safety
  • Reznor Unit Heaters

    • One of North America's top garage heating brands with an outstanding safety record
  • Allied Commercial by Lennox International

    • reliable, safe, and budget friendly garage heating solutions built by a leader in the North American HVAC industry, Lennox International
  • Schwank

    • Radiant tube heaters, by far the best available radiant tube heaters

Did you know that we have an introductory guide to help guide you when looking at the different shop heating or garage heating solutions? Check it out here!