Premium Heat Pump Packages, Boiler Systems, and Duct Packages Tailored for Your Home

Welcome to the BPH Sales Custom Solutions Collection, where innovation and quality meet function and cost. We understand that every home and family are different, and as a result, the optimal heating and cooling system for every home will be different. That is why we provide our custom solutions – to ensure your home is outfitted with the optimal HVAC and hot water systems that fit your needs.

Why choose a custom solution from BPH Sales?

Balanced Priorities: Our first focus is to deliver unmatched quality. While we recommend the best quality products, we also understand the budget constraints Canadian families face daily. That is why we can also offer more balanced budget-quality options for your custom solutions.

Value for Money: Top-notch quality should be accessible. We provide premium solutions, ensuring you get outstanding products without an exorbitant price tag.

Nationwide Reach: From Yukon to interior B.C. to Newfoundland, we proudly serve every corner of Canada, coast-to-coast.

Price Match Consideration: Found a better price elsewhere? Reach out to us! We'll review and possibly match it. Reach out to our team for the specifics; we're here to help.

Dedicated Support: Need assistance with technical drawings or installation queries? Our team is a phone call or email away, ensuring you're supported throughout your journey.

Custom Boiler Systems & Boiler Boards

Boiler systems are intricate and can be overwhelming for a homeowner. Selecting the correct boiler for your home can be challenging, let alone sizing the components and sourcing all the material. And then there is the assembly and installation for your licensed contractor to take on. That's precisely why we're here—to simplify, guide, and provide our expertise. Plus, our team will provide any required installation or assembly drawings, as well as provide guidance as required for your licensed installer during installation and commissioning.

Our Custom Boiler Solutions can include:

  • Gas boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Combi-boilers
  • Assembled & tested boiler boards
  • Loose boiler system components for assembly on-site (pumps, valves, relays – we have it all)
  • Indirect hot water heating solutions
  • and everything else hydronics and residential boiler related!

Heat Pump Packages

The world of heat pump systems can often feel like navigating a complex maze. But with BPH Sales, you're not alone in the journey. While heat pump and central HVAC systems can be complex and often confusing, with our teams expert guidance, advice, and support, we will ensure that your home is outfitted with the optimal central heating system. Plus, our team is on standby to support your professional installer, should they have any questions while installing or commissioning the equipment.

With a customized central heat pump package from BPH sales, you can expect the following:

  • expertly sized and matched components for your home
  • premium quality products from only the best brands with proven products
  • customized advise and usage guidance for hybrid heating configurations, based on both your home and geographic location
  • selection of premium hybrid heating controls

Custom DIY Duct Packages

Ducting systems are the unsung heroes of a home's HVAC system. While the intricacies of designing and implementing a duct system can be daunting, it doesn't mean homeowners can't take the reins. DIY doesn't always imply compromising on quality or efficiency—it's about empowerment, understanding, and the joy of hands-on achievement. With BPH Sales, you get more than just materials; you receive a partner on your DIY ducting journey.

What you get with a DIY Ducting System from BPH Sales:

  • Complete DIY kit with all essential components included, eliminating guesswork
  • Professionally designed and sized duct system based on your homes blueprints
  • Complete heating and ventilation system taken into consideration, including air exchangers and vent hoods
  • Commercial grade materials, no low-quality, budget materials provided – we only provide quality that we would be willing to install in our own homes
  • Installation and layout drawings to support your installation
  • Guidance and support from our team when you need it
  • (optional) tools & accessories required to get the job done