We have recently updated the available shipping options for all the mid-sized and large items we offer online. This is to better support our customers with limited pick-up possibilities, as well as make the price differences in shipping options more transparent upfront.

Before we ship any large or mid-size products, we will confirm the delivery method with you prior to shipping.

$95 Terminal Pick-up:

If the Terminal Pick-up option has been selected, we will confirm the terminal pick-up location prior to shipping. At this point in the shipment process, if there is no reasonably located terminal available, you can cancel your order at no cost.

Please note that for some of our 'smaller' mid-size units, such as HRVs and ERVs, we may be able to have these delivered directly to you via Canada Post. We will confirm if this is the case via shipment tracking information for your order.

Local Delivery:

If the Local Delivery option has been selected, we will send the purchased item(s) via a 3rd party LTL freight partner whom you will be responsible to coordinate the final delivery of your order with. Most times this includes arranging an appointment for delivery, as well as ensuring an adult is available to support the delivery.

If the Local Delivery option turns out not to be an option for your provided shipping address, we will contact you directly to discuss the possibilities. This may include switching to a Terminal Pick-up and receiving a partial refund for the adjusted shipping price.

Questions or concerns?

For a full set of details and information, please check out our online order Shipping Policy. If you still have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Reduced Shipping costs on all mid-size and large orders from BPH Sales with delivery to any Canadian province, and reduced costs for mid-size units shipping to the 3 northern territories.
January 04, 2023