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Unleash your backyard potential with Napoleon BBQs, Grills, & Patioflame Tables

Get in touch with your inner Grill Master.

Whether you’re hosting guests for a backyard cookout, whipping up some grub for the family, or just grilling for one, you deserve a grill that can handle it all. Unfortunately, most grills fall short of expectations due to poor designs and low-quality material. If you’re looking for impressive versatility and unrivalled performance, look no further than a Napoleon Barbecue (BBQ).

The High-End Grills You’ve Been Looking For!

Contrary to popular belief, high-end, long lasting grills do exist! There is no need to settle for subpar BBQs that either work intermittently, need to be replaced every 3 years, or both! It’s time to get the professional-grade, industry-leading, and highly capable grill you’ve always wanted. Napoleon BBQs were designed with quality in mind for the backyard grill master. These aren’t your disposable charcoal BBQ or run-of-the-mill $99 special from Walmart – Napoleon BBQs are the REAL DEAL when it comes to backyard grilling. Whether you already consider yourself a backyard grill master, or aspiring to become one, let a new Napoleon BBQ show you the way.

A Grill That Cooks Great and Looks Great!

These grills not only cook perfectly, but they also look fantastic! Say goodbye to hiding your grill away shamefully under a tarp in the corner. Proudly display your distinguished Napoleon BBQ for all of your guests to appreciate. The aesthetic design of these grills ensures they go great with every kind of outdoor and patio decor. It’s time for grills to go from eyesores to conversation pieces.

Optimum Controls for Precision Grilling

There’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked slab of meat. And for the vegetarians and vegans among us, a nice grill-charred assortment of vegetables hits the spot. Napoleon BBQs offer easy-to-use controls so you can grill everything to your liking. No more overcooked or under-cooked catastrophes. No matter where you fall on the rare-to-well-done scale, you’ll have the controls to cook exactly how you like.

The Napoleon Advantage

  • Advanced JETFIRE Ignition system for reliable, safe, and instant lighting
  • Conveniently and intuitively placed BBQ lights so you can always see what you're doing no matter the time of day or night.
  • Distinct Iconic WAVE Cooking Grids for a signature, high-end look and even heating.
  • High-efficiency design (such as insulated lids) for optimum cooking temperatures and minimized gas usage
  • Diverse grilling options with the patented Infrared Sizzle Zone so you can maximize your grilling possibilities.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly roll-top lid makes for easy access and premium protection for the grill.
  • Highly durable construction that's designed to last through decades of use, usual wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions without sacrificing any quality.
  • Industry-leading, highly efficient, and robustly designed burners designed for a premium grilling experience.
  • Easy-to-use smoking tray makes it possible to get that mouthwatering smoke taste on a gas grill.

All the Grill Styles You Could Want

Every homeowner has different preferences when it comes to grills. That’s why we’ve designed a high-quality series of diverse BBQs with varying sizes and fuel types. Here are the kinds we offer:

  • Gas Grills
  • Portable Grills
  • Electric Grills
  • Built-in Grills*

Not sure which is best for you? Feel free to contact us to get some professional advice from our highly experienced experts.

*Please contact us directly for custom ordering your built-in Napoleon components