Our Mission

  • Provide our customers with freedom of choice & transparent pricing

  • Guide & support our customers through the entire process, from searching to selecting the optimal products

  • Build a trusted network of high quality, certified professionals to support our customers' installation or servicing needs

Who We Are

BPH Mechanical Sales Ltd, also known simply as BPH Sales, is a family owned and operated enterprise, the brain child of wanting something different, something more for the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industry across Canada. That something more is a consumer-friendly environment where customers are better informed and educated of the available choices - choices over what products they want to buy, and choice over who they want to install or service it. All with full transparency, up front, regarding costs, warranties, and product technical specifics.

So, now, we present to you, BPHSales.ca, our way to help you, the customer, make more informed choices regarding your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. This, all built on our 18+ years of industry experience to help advise and guide you, our customer, through their large HVAC and IAQ purchases.

Please, feel free to browse our products, visit our Support and Knowledge Centre to find a collection of useful insights or links, stay up to date with our hottest and latest products or promotions, or drop us a line here if you have any questions or comments on who we are.

Thank you for visiting our site, taking the time to check us out, and trusting us for your next HVAC, hot water, or IAQ purchase.

Welcome to BPH Sales, where we are doing things differently.

Where Are We Now?

We are across Canada, proudly providing quality HVAC expertise to customers across this great country of ours. Also, we are also able to provide customers in the United States with a selection of products and support. So whether you live in a large city, or a small village in rural Canada, BPH Sales is here to support you.

Questions on whether we can help you in your current location? Don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

Where Are We Going?

This all depends on you, the customer. Do you believe in us? Will you trust us to guide you through the purchasing process and to supply your next HVAC solution?

We are continuously expanding our supplier & manufacturer networks, and more importantly, our product offerings. If you are searching for something that you can't find online currently, reach out to us - we can probably help!

We look forward to helping you along your journey to a more efficient, affordable, and, most importantly, high quality, reliable home mechanical solution!

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