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What is Home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) or IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)?

What are Government Rebate & Incentive Programs?

Did you know you can save BIG money just by upgrading your old, inefficient boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, or water heaters? Did you know that the provincial & federal governments will also PAY YOU MONEY (in the form of rebates) to upgrade to newer, more environmentally friendly models?

Below we have highlighted some of the places you can search for government rebates in Canada & Saskatchewan; sometimes, you can get rebated from BOTH the provincial & federal authorities, so it LITERALLY PAYS to do your homework.

Government of Canada Rebate Programs & Info:

Saskatchewan Provincial Rebates:

Manufacturer-based References (usually refer you further to government or municipal websites):

What is a Forced Air Gas Furnace & How Does it Work?

What are the Differences Between a Two-stage and Single Stage Forced Air Furnace?

What Service or Maintenance Does a Furnace Need?

What is an Air Exchanger & How Does it Work?

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October 11, 2020

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