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General Warranty Questions

Where do I register my new product for manufacturer warranty?

Every brand that BPH Sales offers has an online and/or phone product registration portal to register your newly purchased equipment.

If you have troubles locating the correct web link or phone number to register your newly purchased and installed product, you can contact our team for support.

When do I register my product for warranty?

You, or your installer, will want to register your product for manufacturers warranty as soon as possible after the installation of your new unit.

Some manufacturers have time limits stating that you MUST register your product within a certain number of days after installation. Please pay attention to these timelines and strictly adhere to them.

Who is responsible for registering my product for warranty?

Depending on the type of product installed, either you or your certified installer will be responsible for registering your product for manufacturers warranty after installation. For some products, notably gas or propane products, your certified and licensed installer is required to register your product with the manufacturer.

Either way, we highly recommend every home owner to follow-up closely to ensure that their new purchase is properly registered for manufacturer warranty.

I bought my product from BPH Sales; can you help me with my warranty claim?

If you purchased your product from BPH Sales and you are struggling with your warranty claim through your installer/service team/the manufacturer, we may be able to assist. Please contact our team directly for further support - please have your order number available for verification purposes.

How much we are able to assist will vary on a case by case basis depending on a number of factors including:

  • product brand & type
  • date of purchase
  • date of installation
  • location of installation
  • & possibly more
I did not buy my product from BPH Sales; can you help me with my warranty claim?

Unfortunately, no, we are unable to assist installers and homeowners alike, with any warranty claims for products that were not supplied by BPH Sales.

My product stopped working; who do I contact for help?

Generally, your first point of contact when any HVAC/hot water/IAQ product stops working should be your installer or service company.

For some products, you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly for preliminary troubleshooting support. Quite often, this troubleshooting with the manufacturer support team results in the recommendation to seek professional support to service or troubleshoot your unit.

Can I install my new product myself? Does this impact the manufacturer warranty?

This depends on the brand and type of the product.

For most gas products, your manufacturers warranty may be voided if installation and commissioning is not done by a certified professional.

For some other products, such as installing an air exchanger or controls, your warranty will most likely not be impacted by self-installation so long as your install and commissioning follows all the required manufacturer instructions (in addition to following local codes and regulations).

I just bought a new product and it is not working as expected; what do I do?

Your first point of contact should be your certified installer. They should know the process to take.

If a certified installer was not involved, or you are working with your installer to start the warranty claim process, you can contact our team for further support. Please note we are only able to provide support and advice for products purchased through BPH Sales.

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Submitting a Warranty Claim

How do I submit a warranty claim?

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Who is responsible for submitting a warranty claim?

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How does a warranty claim work?

The process for a warranty claim... Answer coming soon

Understanding Your Warranty