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Venmar N Series Air Exchangers - Maximize Your Home Indoor Air Ventilation With a Venmar Air Exchanger & Virtuo Controls

Revolutionary Air Exchangers, Driven by state-of-the-art Venmar Virtuo Air Technology.  

Welcome to the HVAC revolution, thanks to the industry's most technologically advanced residential air exchanger. This product was developed and designed to offer you more than your standard Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The N Series features a state-of-the-art universal platform designed to work with every type of dwelling. Finally, you'll be able to have the superior air quality you deserve through seamless technology, thanks to Virtuo Air Technology from Venmar!

What Is Venmar's Virtuo Air Technology?

Virtuo Air Technology is the world's first air exchanger that utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to allow for airflow verification, auto-balancing, and self-adjusting in real-time to keep your indoor conditions comfortable no matter what's happening outdoors.

With this high quality innovation in your home, you can trust the high-tech algorithm to ensure that you have safe, healthy, and optimal indoor air quality at all times. When a pressure change occurs outside, Virtuo detects it and automatically adjusts the air exchanger's operation. This way, you're guaranteed to deliver the right amount of fresh air while minimizing your energy consumption. It's time you had the ultimate in home air quality and comfort with Virtuo Air Technology!

High Tech Air Ventilation Designed To The Highest Standards

The N Series of air exchangers from Venmar are equipped with ECM PMSM motors, which are the most efficient and reliable motors on the air exchanger market. Every Venmar air exchanger comes standard with MERV 8 filters and can be upgraded further with an optional MERV 13 filter. Each N Series air exchangers come with universal brackets and chains for a fast and flexible installation.


The core in Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) allows for the transfer of heat from the outgoing stale, warm air to the incoming cooler, fresh air. However, the core in a HRV will not allow the transfer of moisture, or humidity, between the two air streams. Thus, if you have high humidity in your home, this excess moisture is expelled with the outgoing stale air.

The core in an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) works in much the same way as for the HRV, but instead of just allowing the transfer of heat energy across the core, the ERV core also enables the transfer of a high percentage of heat and moisture between the incoming and outgoing air streams.

In both cases the transfer of energy or heat between the outgoing and incoming air streams will lessen the loads on your HVAC system. Learn more about the benefits of air exchangers in our Resource Centre.

Controlling Your Venmar N Series Air Exchanger

Multiple controller configurations are possible with each N Series air exchanger. The following combinations are the most common we supply to our customers; however, don’t feel limited to what you see below – other combinations are definitely possible, depending on your required solution.

The “Connected” Smart Home Package:

Auxiliary controls: 20-40-60 Deluxe Auxiliary Controls (Venmar 41401)*
Dehumidistat control: already built into each 20-40-60 Deluxe Auxiliary Control
*connected via Bluetooth

The “Traditional” Package:

Main controller: Venmar Virtuo Air Exchanger Automatic Controller (Venmar 41403)**
Auxiliary controls: 20-40-60 Auxiliary Controls (Venmar 41400)**
Dehumidistat control: Venmar Dehumidistat Control (Venmar 41402)**
**wired connections to HRV

Make the most of the clean air life in your home with Venmar air exchangers from BPH Sales today! Order yours now!

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