Venmar Virtuo Air Exchanger Automatic Controller

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By Venmar

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The Basic Yet Perfect Main Control!

The Venmar Automatic Controller (Venmar 41404) is the basic but fully capable main control to pair with your Venmar Air Exchanger. Plus, when you buy an air exchanger & controller from BPH Sales, you save $$$!

Features & functions of this controller include:


AUTO: The system will operate according to outdoor temperature.


CONT: MIN, MED or MAX speed continuous exchange ventilation.

  INT: 20 min in MIN speed continuous exchange ventilation and 40 min in standby or recirculation modes as per selected configuration.

RECIRC: Recirculate air inside the house at MAX speed.

  TURBO: 4-hour MAX speed exchange ventilation then comes back to its previous mode.

The indicator lights up when filter maintenance is required and the indicator flashes when a system error is detected.

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