Aldes Residential Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV), Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), & Controls - Breathe Fresh, Breathe Right

Improve your Home Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) today!

At BPH Sales, we strive to bring you the most advanced, up-to-date products on the market. Our line-up of Canadian-made Aldes air exchanger products will change the way you think about your home ventilation system. Higher quality, controlled indoor air will have you breathing and feeling better inside your home.

Air Exchangers for ANY sized home!

Aldes air exchangers are sized for almost any sized home. The H95-TRG, H150-TRG, or E150-TRG are great for apartments, condos, or small homes. The H190-TRG and E190-TRG is great for the medium-sized homes (or small businesses wanting to protect their staff and clients). The larger H280-SRG and E280-SRG are sized to provide fresh air for a large family home.

Smart Designs for Installation in Most Spaces

Aldes offers air exchangers to fit almost any residential home. Aldes HRVs are compact, highly efficient air exchangers that fit in almost any regular sized closet or utility space. The front-access to the filters and core allow for easy maintenance and cleaning access. To top it off, the highly efficient electric motors run the air exchanger so quietly you will not even notice it is running!

Cost, Reliability & Quality In One Package

Rest easy knowing your HRV polypropylene core comes complete with lifetime warranty. All Aldes wall controls come standard with 2 years warranty.

What Does a 'Typical' Aldes HRV Package Look Like?

Every home is different, so there is no magical 'one size fits all' glove to apply. However, the below are a couple of recommendations that we have based on past experiences installing these systems in customer homes, and based on what we see our customers ordering daily from BPH Sales!

The "Standard" Home Package:

Air Exchanger: chosen as required for home size

Discover the fresh, comfortable air you’ve been searching for with our complete selection of Aldes products today!