Aldes HRV Air Exchanger Speed Control (611229)

By Aldes

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Speed Control For Aldes HRV/ERV Air Exchangers

The Aldes Speed Control (611229) operates your Aldes HRV or ERV in one of the four provided modes:

  • Intermittent mode: low-speed 20-min exchange followed by 40-min off or air re-circulation
  • Low-speed exterior air exchange
  • High-speed exterior air exchange
  • Off/standby mode

Key features of the 611229 Speed Control:

  • Four selectable modes of operation
    • Intermittent Mode
    • Low speed air exchange with outside air
    • High speed air exchange with outside air
    • Off or Standby
  • Colour-coded 4 conductor wire to the HRV or ERV terminal block

More information regarding the Aldes Air Exchanger Speed Control (611229) can be found below:

Aldes 611229 HRV Mode Control