Aldes Air Exchanger Digital Multifunction Wall Control (611242-FC)

By Aldes

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Fully Capable Digital Wall Control for Aldes HRV Air Exchangers

The Aldes Digital Multifunction Wall Control (611242-FC) is an attractive, back-lit Decora-style wall control offering complete control of your home’s ventilation for maximum comfort and respiratory health. The Digital Multifunction Wall Control is compatible with all Aldes Residential HRV Air Exchangers.

All of the below features are easily accessed using a calming blue back-lit LCD display and 4-button keypad.

Key features of the 611242-FC Digital Wall Control:

  • Manual low- and high-speed settings
  • Dehumidistat mode: Automatic high-speed air exchange based on indoor relative humidity to maintain your desired comfort level and to prevent mold from forming
  • ECO mode: low-speed air exchange for 20 minutes of every hour
  • High Occupancy mode: High-speed air exchange for 1, 2 or 4 hours to bring in fresh air when there are larger numbers of people indoors or when the air is contaminated with excessive amounts of steam, smoke or dust
  • Relative humidity display
  • Air exchanger maintenance indicator
  • For air exchangers with an air re-circulation mode, the control also enables:
    • Manual high- and low-speed re-circulation for distributing warm or cool air evenly throughout your home
    • ECO mode: low-speed exchange (20 min) and recirculation (40 min) for optimal distribution of fresh air.

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Aldes 611242-FC Digital Multifunction Residential HRV Wall Control