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Dettson - a Leading Canadian HVAC Manufacturer

Dettson, a dominant name in the Canadian HVAC industry, has been dedicated to providing efficient and reliable heating solutions since its start in 1952. Headquartered in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Dettson is renowned for its innovative approach to home heating, offering a range of electric furnaces designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Nortron, as part of the Dettson family, also upholds the company's tradition of excellence, further reinforcing Dettson's reputation as a leader in the home heating market.

Dettson Supreme Electric Furnaces - Modern, Stylish, and Quiet

With the Dettson Supreme lineup of electric furnaces, long gone are the days of loud and clunky old heating systems. These efficient and thoughtfully designed electric furnaces are perfect for new home builds with forced air central heating, or for existing homes looking to diversify way from a natural gas furnace.

A Dettson Modulating Electric Furnace = Saving Money

Modulating furnaces, compared to single-stage furnaces, offer enhanced energy efficiency and comfort. They adjust their output in small increments to match the specific heating requirements of your home. This results in more consistent indoor temperatures, reduces temperature fluctuations, and overall improves home comfort levels. Plus, modulating furnaces tend to suffer less drastic wear and tear than an equivalent single-stage or two-stage furnace, resulting in lower maintenance and repair costs over their lifetime. These features make them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a balance of comfort, efficiency, and long-term cost savings.

Why would I want an electric furnace?

Opting for an electric furnace can be an excellent choice for homeowners, particularly when there's no access to a natural gas or propane supply. Also, electric furnaces offer a greener heating solution, aligning with eco-friendly lifestyle choices. They are fully compatible with central heat pump systems, providing a versatile and efficient home heating solution. This combination can lead to significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact, making electric furnaces an attractive option for those seeking a sustainable and effective way to heat their homes.

Will an electric furnace work for my home?

If your home is designed with a central heating system in mind, notably ducting is installed to circulate warm air throughout your home, then the answer is definitely yes, an electric furnace could be the solution for you!

For existing homes, please keep in mind that your home's electrical supply will need to be able to cope with the added consumption of an electric furnace. If in doubt, consult your local electric installer or give our team a call for advice.

An Electric Furnace Sized for Every Home!

Our lineup of Dettson Supreme electric furnaces are available in sizes from 10 kW up to 23 kW, or roughly 34,000 BTU/hr up to 78,000 BTU/hr.

Dettson Furnaces Available in 2024

Dettson Supreme Modulating Electric Furnace

A fully modulating (0% - 100%) utilizing a high efficiency ECM blower motor

Dettson Supreme Advantage Electric Furnace

A two-stage furnace using a highly efficient ECM blower motor

What thermostat will work with a Dettson furnace?

Most standard 24V thermostats will work. You can browse our selection here, or contact our team for further support.