Dettson Supreme Electric Furnace | Advantage Series

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By Dettson

Product Sizing
  • SUP10-A240V12 (10 kW)
  • SUP15-A240V12 (15 kW)
  • SUP18-A240V12 (18 kW)
  • SUP20-A240V12 (20 kW)
  • SUP23-A240V12 (23 kW)
  • SUP25-A240V12 (25 kW)
  • SUP20-A240V20 (20 kW)
  • SUP23-A240V20 (23 kW)
  • SUP25-A240V20 (25 kW)
  • SUP27-A240V20 (27 kW)
  • SUP30-A240V20 (30 kW)
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  • 5 Year Parts Warranty

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Dettson Supreme Advantage Electric Furnaces - Central HVAC Forced Air Electric Furnaces

Dettson electric furnaces are manufactured in Canada to high quality standards and renowned for their superior workmanship and reliability, all of which has been carried on in the Dettson Supreme line of electric furnaces.

Every Dettson Supreme Advantage electric furnace features a high-efficiency, variable speed ECM motor as well as two stage modular heating elements. The two stage operation of the furnace means you get a more stable home environment and higher heating efficiency when compared to older, single stage heating systems.

The Dettson Supreme series are forced air electric furnaces, meaning they work great as a replacement for your existing gas furnace, as a primary heat source for a new install, or as an air handling unit (AHU) with back-up electric heating, or as the primary heating source for your new-build or new-install. They can even be paired to work with a new or existing central air conditioning system and/or humidifier.

If you have any questions regarding Dettson electric furnaces, please contact us.

Key features of the Nortron Electric Furnace E-Series include:

  • An electric furnace sized for every sized home with multiple sizes to choose from:
    • 10 kW
    • 15 kW
    • 18 kW
    • 20 kW
    • 23 kW
    • 25 kW
    • 27 kW
    • 30 kW
  • Two-stage modulated heating elements lead to a more efficient and stable home environment
  • For select models, choice between 1/2 HP or 1 HP ECM blower motor
  • Energy efficient ECM blower motor reduces your energy consumption
  • Installation flexibility with horizontal, upflow, or downflow configurations achievable
  • Heat pump and air conditioner compatible for systems up to 5 tons
  • Modular system design allows individual components to be individually serviced and replaced

    More information about Dettson Supreme Electric Furnaces can be found below:

    Dettson Supreme Forced Air Electric Furnaces

    Dettson Supreme Advantage Furnace Models:

    Model Numbers
    Max. Capacity
    Max. Cooling


    10 kW (~34,000 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    15 kW (~51,000 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    18 kW (~61,400 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    20 kW (~68,200 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    23 kW (~78,500 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    25 kW (~85,400 BTU/hr)

    3 tons


    20 kW (~68,200 BTU/hr)

    5 tons


    23 kW (~78,500 BTU/hr)

    5 tons


    25 kW (~85,400 BTU/hr)

    5 tons


    27 kW (~92,100 BTU/hr)

    5 tons


    30 kW (~102,400 BTU/hr)

    5 tons