Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) & Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) - Cutting Edge Air Exchangers that You CAN Trust

Revolutionizing the Way You Breathe

At BPH Sales, we strive to bring you the most advanced, up-to-date products on the market. Our line-up of Lifebreath air exchanger products will transform the way you think about your air ventilation and exchange system, in addition to keeping you and your loved ones healthy.

Maximize Your Home Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Today!

Lifebreath employs the most advanced and innovative heat recovery ventilator technology on the market. These exclusive products are designed to replace the stale air in your home with fresh air throughout, either continuously or on-demand. This exchange of stale, moist air with freshly filtered air will prevent moisture build-up, toxic mold growth, or even rot.

All of our Lifebreath HRVs and ERVs are built for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your home or office, and most models come with lifetime core warranty! So, no matter if you’re looking to transform the air exchanger system in your single-level home, or you want to optimize your entire office building, Lifebreath has got you covered.

Get the Superior Indoor Air Quality You Deserve

Indoor air quality is essential to ensuring the health of everyone in your home, as well as keeping out unwanted pollutants and pollen. With this entire line of Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilation products and more, you’ll be able to finally have the superior, healthy, and safe indoor air quality you deserve.

Cutting Edge Technology You Can Count On

Every Lifebreath unit is engineered for maximum heat transfer thanks to their patented cross-flow Hexcore design. Airflows are optimized using proprietary features to balance the heat recovery and airflow at all times. So, no matter the weather outside, Lifebreath keeps you comfortable with first-class indoor air quality.

Continuously Improving Products and Controls

The new Lifebreath 99-DXPL03 Digital Wall Control features an innovative control algorithm that can perform auto-balancing of the air flows when installed with a compatible air exchanger. This simplifies the installation and commissioning of your new air exchanger, meaning your installer is finished sooner with less hassle. The new 99-DXPL03 control supercedes the older 99-DXPL02 Digital Wall Control.

What Does a 'Typical' Lifebreath ERV or HRV Package Look Like?

Every home is different, so there is no magical 'one size fits all' glove to apply. However, the below are a couple of recommendations that we have based on past experiences installing these systems in customer homes, and based on what we see our customers ordering daily from BPH Sales!

The “Wireless” Home Package:

Main controller: Air Exchanger Digital Wall Control (DXPL03)*
Auxiliary controls: Wireless Air Exchanger Timer Controls (99-DET02)
*delivered by default with any Lifebreath 267 MAX or 205 MAX units

The “Traditional” (Wired) Package:

Main controller: Air Exchanger Basic Control (BC03)
Auxiliary controls: Air Exchanger Timer Controls (99-DET01)

Discover the fresh, comfortable air you’ve been searching for with our complete collection of Lifebreath products today!

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Top recommended Lifebreath products (by category):

HRV: Lifebreath 205 MAX Residential HRV (205MAX)

ERV: Please contact us directly for custom reccommendations

Main Controller: Lifebreath Digital Wall Control (DXPL03)

Auxiliary Controls (for your bathrooms, wet rooms, or anywhere else you need): Lifebreath Wireless 20-40-60 Air Exchanger Timer Controls (99-DET02)