Lifebreath Air Exchanger Basic Controller

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Fully Capable Basic Controller For Your New Lifebreath Air Exchanger

The Lifebreath Basic Controller (99-BC03) is a fully capable main control to pair with your new Lifebreath Air Exchanger. Plus, when you buy an air exchanger & controller from BPH Sales, you save $$$!

Key features & functions of this controller:

Continuous low fan speed operation from lifebreath basic controller

Continuous low fan speed operation

built-in Dehumidistat on lifebreth basic controller BC03

Built-in electronic dehumidistat

Multiple modes of operation with your lifebreath controller

Three modes of operation:

  • Ventilation - exchange indoor air for fresh
  • Recirculation - filter & recirculate air indoor the house
  • 20-40 mode - set the air exchanger for continuous operation for 20 or 40 minutes
Slimline designed controls from Lifebreath

Slim-line design for a more aesthetically pleasing & less intrusive installation

Lifebreath Controller COmpatability Compatible with 99-DET02 Wireless Timers
lifebreath controls power supply

Wired-in design, connects to a 3-wire, 20 gauge low voltage wire

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Lifebreath Basic Control BC03