Lifebreath 195 DCS HRV Air Exchanger


Product Sizing
  • Up to 210 CFM
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No, this product does not have an Energy Star certification.

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Greener Homes Grant Eligibility

Yes, this product may be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

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  • HRV Core Lifetime Warranty
  • 5 Year Replacement Parts Warranty

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The Most Efficient Canadian-Made Residential HRV Air Exchanger

The Lifebreath 195 DCS Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is one the most efficient dual core heat recovery ventilator of it's size from Lifebreath. These HRV air exchangers feature Lifebreath's high-efficiency double-pass through HRV core that allow it to achieve unprecedented levels of SRE efficiency ratings. The Lifebreath 195DCS air exchanger can achieve up to 210 CFM of airflow at 0.2 in. w.g.

All Lifebreath HRVs are designed and manufactured locally in their London, Ontario facilities - Canadian-made, high quality products for your home! Each Lifebreath 195 DCS order includes a Digital Wall Control (DXPL02) and installation hanging straps. Additional controls and timers can be purchased and paired with your new HRV.

Key features and benefits for the Lifebreath 195 DCS HRV (195 DCS) model:

Made-in-Canada Lifebreath HRVs and air exchanger controls Quality-made in Ontario, Canada
Lifebreath HRV Core Cross Flow Design

Lifebreath's high-efficiency, dual-core system maximizes heat recovery and overall energy efficiency

Integrated damper defrost mode helps protect the unit and your system

Slimline designed controls from Lifebreath Ducts use 6 inch and 7 inch connections
Multiple modes of operation with your lifebreath controller Comes included with a digital controller offering 5-speed, 4-mode operation (99-DXPL02)
Lifebreath HRV Maintenance Required Icon

HRV Core Lifetime Warranty

5 Year Replacement Parts Warranty

Easy-to-access cores and filters via a latched door

Washable MERV-6 air filters, with option to upgrade to MERV-13 filters

Lifebreath Controller COmpatability Compatible with Digital Wall Controller (99-DXPL-02), Basic Controller (99-BC03), Wireless Timers (99-DET02), and wired Timers (99-DET01)
lifebreath controls power supply

Operates using two multi-speed PSC motors (1 motor for each air stream)

built-in Dehumidistat on lifebreth basic controller BC03 Built-in condensation/moisture drain ports

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