GeneralAire Steam Humidifier | GF-5500


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  • up to 100 L/day!
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  • 5 years

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GeneralAire GF-5500 Steam Humidifier - a Whole-house Steam Humidifier for Homes

The GeneralAire GF-5500 Steam Humidifiers adds moisture to your home by passing steam through a tube connected into your central HVAC ducting system. Your central HVAC system then distributes the steam and humid air throughout your home.

GF-5500 whole-home humidifiers are intended for use in medium-to-large homes with significant humidity needs, providing up to 100 L of moisture per day! A GeneralAire steam humidifier will help maintain optimal home humidity levels, a critical factor in home IAQ and how comfortable you feel at home.

Some of the benefits of using a central HVAC steam humidifier, also known as a furnace humidifier, include:

  • More effective for larger homes than other types of humidification
  • Can operate independently of the furnace
  • Uses less water than other types of central HVAC humidification, such as by-pass or flow-thru
  • "Clean" humidification as the water is heated to a boiling point to provide sterile, pure, clean humidity
  • Increased home comfort levels, providing a plethora of health benefits and reducing the incidence of dry skin, static shock, and other dry air issues
  • Control your home humidity levels to better maintain humidity-sensitive wood floors or furnishings

Key features of a GeneralAire GF-5500 humidifier include:

  • Contemporary Design
  • Includes a GF-X4 humidistat
  • Drain tempering for safety
  • Electrode steam technology
  • Internal 115V / 230V option switch
  • LED display with constant control diagnostics
  • Effortless maintenance  features
  • Heavy duty metal mounting brackets
  • Compatible with almost any centrally ducted air handling unit (AHU), gas furnace, electric furnace, or hydronic (water) furnace installations

 Every GeneralAire GF-5500 package includes:

  • Steam Humidifier
  • GFX4 Automatic Digital Control
  • Drilling Template
  • Installation/Mounting Screws
  • Power Wire Clamps
  • Mounting Straps
  • Installation Kit

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