The Best Condensing Tankless Water Heaters Just Got Better!

BPH Sales is VERY proud to present two new lines in the Navien NPE series of condensing tankless water heaters - the NPE-A2 Advanced Water Heaters and the NPE-S2 Standard Water Heaters. Both lines are available in multiple sizes, enabling almost any residential domestic hot water system to be upgraded to a new NPE-2 Series gas water heater from Navien.

Building on a Proven Domestic Hot Water Tankless Platform

The original Navien Premium Efficiency (NPE) series are the leading condensing unit on the market and the new NPE-2 series extends that lead with more advanced technology.

NPE-2 series are the most innovative condensing tankless water heaters on the market. Some key features common across the NPE-2 lines include:

  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers and burners result in a long-lasting, durable build
  • Endless hot water, only when you want it - no more waiting for a tank to heat up and no more wasting energy keeping a tank full of water warm when it is not needed
  • Lower energy bills and lower exhaust emissions due to their ultra-efficient designs
  • Proven quality that is stood by - all units come with warranty
  • Keep your hot water lines primed - the built-in ComfortFlow recirculation systems on the NPE-A2 units will keep hot water readily available at your outlets with a recirc loop
  • Available in natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) gas models
  • Compact, stylish, wall-hung designs - save up to 80% more space compared to a traditional tank water heater
  • Energy Star rated, performing at up to 0.96 UEF efficiency for the S2 line and 0.95 UEF for the A2 lineup

How Navien NPE-2 series tankless water heaters work

Navien premium condensing tankless unit heats water directly without using a storage tank. Cold water travels into the unit when one of your homes hot water faucets are opened. The gas burner in the dual heat exchanger then heats the flowing water, delivering an endless supply of hot water wherever it’s needed across your home.

Go Tankless Today!

Navien has made it easier than ever to upgrade to North America's #1 condensing tankless water heater. With space savings of up to 80% as compared to a traditional hot water tank system, you will save valuable floor space for other use.

Optional 2" or 3" intake and exhaust venting provide more options for install, as does the light weight design, allowing for wall mounting in almost any location around the home. Each unit uses standardized 3/4" NPT water and gas connections for ease of retrofitting in existing homes or apartments.

Smart Controls for a Smarter System

Navien NPE-2 domestic hot water (DHW) heaters can optionally be controlled with either the wireless Navien NaviLink Wi-Fi Control (PBCM-AS-001) system or a tried-and-proven wired remote controller.

Don't want to install any additional controllers? No problem, the NPE-2 Series can also be controlled from the back-lit EZNav digital control panel found on each unit.