Navien Remote Controller NR-21DU

By Navien

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Navien Remote Controller for the NPE2 Series Tankless Domestic Hot Water Heaters

The Navien Remote Controlerl NR-21DU (Navien 30022717B) is an optional remote contol to be used with the Navien NPE-S2 or the Navien NPE-A2 tankless gas water heaters. Note that you can connect up to 2 remote controllers for a single water heater, so you can control and monitor from across the home!

Each controller order comes complete with the following items:

  • Controller NR21-DU
  • Extension Cable
  • Wall mounting Bracket w/2x self-tapping screws

Features & functions of the Navien Remote Control NR-21DU (30022717B) when paired with the NPE-2 series (either NPE-A2 or NPE-S2 models) include:

  • Turn your unit on and off
  • LCD discplay indicating functions & status
  • Preheat & Timer buttons
  • Set your Domestic Hot Water (DHW) temperature remotely
  • Total operating hours
  • Error code notifications and status
  • DHW set temperature
  • Only for the NPE-A2 models: activate your recirculation pump while on your way

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