Navien Boiler | NHB Series Gas Boiler

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Product Sizing
  • NHB-55 (55,000 BTU)
  • NHB-80 (80,000 BTU)
  • NHB-110 (110,000 BTU)
  • NHB-150 (150,000 BTU)
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Navien Condensing Gas Boilers - Central Boiler Heating from a Hot Water Industry Leader

Key features of the Navien NHB Gas Boiler:

    • Advanced condensing gas boiler perfect for residential or commercial applications
      • Available in four sizes to fit any home
        • Smart Home compatible - stay connected with the optional NaviLink WiFi Remote Control System
          • Proven Navien quality that is stood by - all units come with warranty
          • Integrated control panel & control safety features, such as the integrated freeze protection
          • Lower your energy bills and exhaust emissions with these modern high-efficiency boilers
            • Compact, stylish, wall-hung designs - save up to 80% more space compared to a traditional floor-standing boilers
              • Energy Star certified for 95% efficient (AFUE) operation
                • Convertible from natural gas (NG) to liquid propane (LP)
                  • Turn-down ratios (TDR) up to 15:1 - create only as much heat as is needed
                    • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers that better resist corrosion, resulting in a longer-lasting and durable build

                      Safety warning: this is a gas appliance, and as such, requires certified, professional installation. Failure to properly install & commission a gas appliance can lead to serious damage, injury, or death.

                      More information regarding Navien boilers can be found below:

                      Navien NHB Product Website

                      Navien Boiler Product Dimensions & Sizing Information:


                      Max. Heating Input (BTU/hr)

                      Dimensions (H x W x D)

                      55,000 BTU/hr
                      24" x 17" x 12"
                      80,000 BTU/hr
                      24" x 17" x 12"
                      110,000 BTU/hr
                      24" x 17" x 13"
                      150,000 BTU/hr
                      24" x 17" x 13"

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