Samsung Heat Pumps & Mini-Splits – Innovative Ductless Split Systems for your Home

Applying a Legacy of Innovation & Reliability to Residential Ductless Heat Pump Systems

Samsung takes their reputation as a global provider of innovative and quality products seriously. They definitely do not disappoint when it comes to their residential line of innovative ductless heating and cooling systems! Whether it is a single zone ductless mini-split or a cold-weather, multi-zone ductless split solution, Samsung HVAC produces quality products that they stand by with up to 10 years of warranty.

Headquartered in Texas, Samsung HVAC America provides ductless heating and cooling products across Canada and the United States.

Home Comfort without Compromising

Samsung HVAC takes innovation personal with their residential lineup of ductless heat pumps. With a number of distinguishing, innovative solutions, their products can, and will, deliver the comfort you deserve in your home.

A few of the key innovative aspects and products we appreciate the most from Samsung HVAC include:

  • Max Heat functionality, enabling high heating output even in outdoor temperatures as low -25ᵒC
  • Variable speed compressor systems result in increased indoor comfort and decreased utility costs
  • WindFree cooling provides a comfortable, draft-free air conditioned zone

Why install a Samsung ductless split heat pump system in your home?

Some of the most common reasons we see people installing a Samsung heat pump split system include:

  • Ductless heat pumps don’t suffer from the losses that occur in ducted central heating & cooling systems
  • Simplified installation costs, with no need for extensive ducting work, ultimately reducing complexity and costs
  • Variable speed compressor systems provide increased comfort while also decreasing utility costs
  • Easily control and adjust the temperature across multiple rooms or zones around your home
  • Transform your summer home into a 3-or-4 season residence without the need for extensive ducted or boiler heating systems
  • Easily increase the comfort levels in a single area or zone around your home with a ductless split system

Samsung Heat Pumps, Mini-splits, & Controls for Every Home

Samsung has a range of sizes and models to fit almost every home in Canada. We currently offer the following types of solutions for single zone or multi-zone ductless systems:

  • Single zone mini-split heat pumps
  • Multi-zone ductless heat pumps (to pair with indoor units)
  • Wall-mounted split system indoor units (to pair with a heat pump)
  • Ductless split system controls (for increased control over your comfort and energy consumption)

Top recommended Samsung product (by category):

Single zone mini-split system:

Our most recommended mini split single zone system is the Max Heat 2.0 heat pump with the WindFree 2.0 indoor unit, primarily due to the high heating output capability in low outdoor temperatures

Multi-zone heat pumps:

The FJM Max Heat heat pump is, hands down, the winner here, primarily due to the high heating capabilities in temperatures as low as -25ᵒC!

Wall-mounted indoor units:

The Quantum 2.0 Indoor unit is cost-conscious purchase compared to the WindFree 2.0, which only differentiates itself during the summer months.

Ductless Split System Controls:

The Advanced Controller MWR-WG00UN due to the additional functionality and capacity to control up to 16 zones with a single controller.