Samsung FJM Multi-zone Heat Pump | Multi-zone Ductless Mini-split

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Product Sizing
  • 22,000 BTU/hr Heating / 18,000 BTU/hr Cooling (AJ020BXJ2CH/AA) (~2 tons max.)
  • 25,000 BTU/hr Heating / 22,000 BTU/hr Cooling (AJ024BXJ3CH/AA) (~2.5 tons max.)
  • 36,000 BTU/hr Heating / 32,000 BTU/hr Cooling (AJ036TXS4CH/AA) (3.5 tons max.)
  • 48,500 BTU/hr Heating / 47,000 BTU/hr Cooling (AJ048TXJ5CH/AA) (~5 tons max)
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  • 10 Years

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FJM Heat Pump Condensing Units - Ductless Multi-zone Mini-split Heating & Cooling Solutions

These Samsung FJM Heat Pump Condensing Units support 2 to 5 indoor ductless split systems using a single outdoor unit. The Free Joint Multi (FJM) system enables homeowners to set individual temperatures in separate, individual rooms or zones, avoiding excessive conditioning in unused spaces and reducing overall energy consumption.

The FJM Heat Pumps are compatible with Samsung Quantum 2.0 and Samsung WindFree 2.0 indoor units. A variable speed Digital Inverter compressor will only operate as fast as is required to sustain the set temperature, increasing system efficiency while enabling a comfortable, constant temperature indoors.

With condensing units supporting from 2 zones at 18,000 BTU/hr up to 5 zones with 48,000 BTU/hr, there is a Samsung Multi-zone system for every home or apartment in Canada.

Key features and benefits of the Samsung FJM Multi-zone Heat Pump include:

  • Multi-zone capable, supporting from 2 to 5 individual indoor units and zones
  • Efficient operation, up to 21 SEER, will save you money on heating and cooling bills
  • Full heating capacity at temperatures as low as -15°C
  • Air conditioning in temperatures as high as +46°C
  • Energy Star Certified when paired with ductless indoor units
  • Compatible with Quantum 2.0 and WindFree 2.0 indoor cassettes
  • Variable speed, Digital Inverter compressor delivers only as much heating or cooling as is required
  • Pre-charged with R410A for at least 130 ft of lines (varies per model, min. 131 ft pre-charge)
  • With compatible WiFi indoor units, total control enabled via the SmartThings Android and iOS apps for remote temperature adjustments, settings, and usage monitoring
  • Simplified installation and commissioning with one-button auto addressing of indoor units/cassettes

More information regarding Samsung FJM Multi-zone Heat Pump Units can be found here:

Samsung FJM Multi-zone Condensing Units

Product Details & Sizing:

Min. / Max. # of Zones
Approx. Max. Tonnage
Heating Capacity (min. / max.)
Cooling Capacity (min. / max.)
max. SEER Rating


2 / 2 zones 2 tons 3,500 / 22,000 BTU/hr 5,500 / 18,000 BTU/hr 19.5


2 / 3 zones 2.5 tons 4,300 / 25,000 BTU/hr 6,500 / 22,000 BTU/hr 19.5


2 / 4 zones 3.5 tons 7,600 / 36,000 BTU/hr 6,500 / 32,000 BTU/hr 21.0


2 / 5 zones 5 tons 7,000 / 48,500 BTU/hr 6,500 / 47,000 BTU/hr 21.0