Armstrong Air A962V High Efficieny 2-Stage Gas Furnace

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Product Sizing
  • A96US2V045B12S: 42,000 BTU/hr, 3 tons
  • A96DS2V045B12S: 43,000 BTU/hr, 3 tons
  • A96US2V070B12S: 62,000 BTU/hr, 3 tons
  • A96DS2V070B16S: 64,000 BTU/hr, 4 tons
  • A96US2V090C16S: 85,000 BTU/hr, 4 tons
  • A96DS2V090C20S: 85,000 BTU/hr, 5 tons
  • A96US2V110C20S: 106,000 BTU/hr, 5 tons
  • A96DS2V110C20S: 106,000 BTU/hr, 5 tons
  • A96US2V135D20S: 126,000 BTU/hr, 5 tons
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Yes, this product is Energy Star certified!

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Greener Homes Grant Eligibility

No, this product is not eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, except possibly for Northern or off-grid communities.

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  • 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty

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Armstrong's Flagship Modulating Variable Speed High Efficiency Gas Furnace

The Armstrong Air A962V natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) furnaces are one of Armstrong's top selling residential furnaces. These high efficiency 96% AFUE rated home heaters are designed using patented EHX technology to secure homogeneous comfort levels throughout your home.

The high 96% efficiency rating is achieved using a number of technological advancements, including a variable speed ECM blower fan motor, improved burner heat distribution, advanced heat exchanger designs, and a purpose-engineered, built-in controls system that will continuously monitor your systems performance.

Armstrong Air gas furnaces are one of the most popular brands across North America, and the A962V series is a great example as to why. Quiet, efficient, self-monitoring - rest easy, and comfortably, knowing that an Armstrong Air furnace is keeping you and your loved ones warm.

If you have any questions regarding these high efficiency gas furnaces, please contact us.

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Key features of the Armstrong Air 96% AFUE Variable Speed Gas Furnaces (A962V) include:

  • Two-Stage Heating allows your furnace to adjust its heat output based on conditions inside and outside your home, using less energy to maintain comfort
  • Variable Speed Fan Motor can change the speed of airflow during start-up, allowing for adjustable humidity levels and resulting in a homogeneous temperature throughout your home
  • 96% AFUE Efficiency rating means 96% of the fuel input to the system is converted to usable heat energy, saving you money on your energy bills
  • Quiet Combustion Technology uses a smaller BTU input per burner for quieter start-up and operation while providing more even heat distribution
  • Advanced stainless steel heat exchanger is rust-resistant and is crimped instead of welded to reduce overall thermal fatigue, thus increasing the overall heat exchanger lifetime
  • Pair with an electric heat pump, pairing two energy sources for the perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort
  • Engineered and built with EHX Technology, an Armstrong patented design that eliminates hot spots that shorten furnace lifetimes. EHX Technology results in a optimized airflow for higher efficiency and comfort level
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Highly efficient variable speed ECM blower motor
  • Flexible installation options with both left- and right-side utility connections
  • Available in horizontal flow or bottom flow models
  • Insulated Cabinet prevents the loss of warm air while also reducing noise from the furnace blower motor
  • Built-in internal monitoring and self-diagnostics prolong your system life by continuously monitoring internal components for optimum performance and fault prevention
  • Continuous monitoring of internal components for optimum performance when paired with a Comfort Sync A3 thermostat. Comfort Sync puts you in total control of your home environment with remote temperature adjustment from anywhere in the world, even your couch, via the Armstrong smartphone app.
  • Pair your A962V furnace with a variable-capacity or two-stage air conditioner or electric heat pump and a Comfort Sync thermostat for optimized home cooling performance

Safety warning: this is a gas appliance, and as such, requires certified, professional installation. Failure to properly install & commission a gas appliance can lead to serious damage, injury, or death.

More information regarding the Armstrong Air A962V propane and natural gas furnaces can be found below:

Armstrong Air A962V Gas Furnace

A962V Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions & Sizing Approximations:

Max. 1st Stage / 2nd Stage Output
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Nominal Blower Cooling Capacity
A96US2V045B12S (up-flow model)
28,000 / 42,000 BTU/hr
33" x 17.5" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 44.4cm x 72.4cm)
3 tons
A96DS2V045B12S (down-flow model)
28,000 / 43,000 BTU/hr
33" x 17.5" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 44.4cm x 72.4cm)
3 tons
A96US2V070B12S (up-flow model)
41,000 / 62,000 BTU/hr
33" x 17.5" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 44.4cm x 72.4cm)
3 tons
(down-flow model)
42,000 / 64,000 BTU/hr
33" x 17.5" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 44.4cm x 72.4cm)
4 tons
 (up-flow model)
55,000 / 85,000 BTU/hr
33" x 21" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 53.3cm x 72.4cm)
4 tons
(down-flow model)
56,000 / 85,000 BTU/hr
33" x 21" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 53.3cm x 72.4cm)
5 tons
(up-flow model)
70,000 / 106,000 BTU/hr
33" x 21" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 53.3cm x 72.4cm)
5 tons
(down-flow model)
70,000 / 106,000 BTU/hr
33" x 21" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 53.3cm x 72.4cm)
5 tons
(up-flow model)
84,000 / 126,000 BTU/hr
33" x 24.5" x 28.5"
(83.8 cm x 62.2cm x 72.4cm)
5 tons