Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Workshop Heater by Modine

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By Modine

Product Sizing
  • HDS30AS: 30,000 BTU/hr
  • HDS45AS: 45,000 BTU/hr
  • HDS60AS: 60,000 BTU/hr
  • HDS75AS: 75,000 BTU/hr
  • HDS100AS: 100,000 BTU/hr
  • HDS125AS: 125,000 BTU/hr
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No, this product does not have an Energy Star certification.

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Greener Homes Grant Eligibility

No, this product is not eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, except possibly for Northern or off-grid communities.

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  • 10 Year Heat Exchanger

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Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Unit Heaters - Solving that Cold Workshop Feeling

Is your workshop or garage often full of dust or other air borne particles? Tired of freezing whenever you need to work in the shop or garage in the winter? Then these Modine Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Unit Heaters are for you!

With a separated combustion unit heater, the unit heater pulls in fresh, clean air from outside for combustion. This means that you won't clog the filter or with dust or other matter and fumes from inside your workshop. Hot Dawg heaters will keep the heat pumping (at an eco-friendly rate) so you can fulfill all your winter workshop, garage, or greenhouse dreams!

Key features of the Modine Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Unit Heaters (HDS Series) include:

  • Draws in external air for the combustion process, ensuring that there is a steady supply of fresh, clean air for the gas heater
  • Available in 6 sizes to fit the needs of almost any sized workshop or green house
  • Low-profile, light weight designs enable the heater to be ceiling mounted, saving precious floor space
  • Standard Natural Gas (NG) burning, Propane (LP) possible with additional conversion kit
  • Permanently lubricated motor reduces the need for maintenance
  • Finger-proof fan guards
  • Safety features, including safe ignition with a 100% shut-off if the unit doesn't light on the first try
  • Right or left hand controls are available on 30,000 - 75,000 BTU models by rotating the unit 180 degrees

If you have any questions regarding Modine Hot Dawg unit heaters, please contact us.

Safety warning: this is a gas appliance, and as such, requires certified, professional installation. Failure to properly install & commission a gas appliance can lead to serious damage, injury, or death.

More information regarding the Hot Dawg Separated Combustion (HDS) heaters can be found below:

Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Garage Heaters

Product Dimensions & Sizing Approximations:

Dimensions (H x W x D)


30,000 BTU/hr

12.2" x 26.8" x 22"


45,000 BTU/hr 12.2" x 26.8" x 22"


60,000 BTU/hr 18" x 26.8" x 25"


75,000 BTU/hr 18" x 26.8" x 25"


100,000 BTU/hr 20.5" x 35.5" x 31"


125,000 BTU/hr 20.5" x 35.5" x 31"