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Natural Gas to Propane Conversion Kits | Orifices for all Major Garage Heater Brands & Models

These conversion kits are for converting your natural gas (NG) unit heater to burn liquid propane (LPG).

We carry propane conversion kits for the following brands and models of unit heaters and garage heaters:

  • Reznor UDX models (30,000 BTU up to 400,000 BTU)
  • Modine Hot Dawg HD models (30,000 BTU up to 125,000 BTU)
  • Modine Hot Dawg HDS separated combustion models (30,000 BTU up to 125,000 BTU)
  • Allied Commercial LF25 models (30,000 BTU up to 105,000 BTU)
  • Lennox LF25 models (30,000 BTU up to 105,000 BTU)

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Warranty varies per brand and model of unit heater; professional conversion from NG to LPG will not impact manufacturers warranty.

Installation of orifices into any gas unit by non-qualified professionals may void part or all of the manufacturers warranty!

Note: Conversion kit in the image is only a sample. Actual conversion kits and orifices will differ depending on the brand and unit size.