Game Changing Viessmann Boilers & Heating Solutions – German-made Quality, Reliability, & Efficiency

A Global Family Business

The Viessmann Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating, cooling and renewable energy systems headquartered in Germany. Viessmann is the most popular boiler manufacturer across Canada, and is well known for their innovative and high quality products. Residential Viessmann products, such as Viessmann boilers, combi-boilers, air handlers, and electric boilers are available across Canada.

Innovative Products Designed for the Long-term

Viessmann designs and plans each of their products to for the long term. Whether that is long-lasting stainless steel boiler components, high efficiency burners creating less emissions, or designing their residential boilers for hydrogen fuel supplies (such as the Vitodens series!), Viessmann doesn’t think about only here and now. So when buying a Viessmann product, rest easy knowing that you are investing in not only a great product today, but what will also be a relevant and great product for tomorrow.

Residential Boilers & Heating Systems Redefined

The Viessmann group loves to innovate. In fact, Viessmann Canada offers a wide range of everything hot water and hydronics related. From central boilers to indirect hot water tanks to solar hot water systems, Viessmann has a solution for everything hydronics. The list below is a summary of their main residential products in Canada:

  • Gas boilers
  • Electric Boilers
  • Biomass boilers (wood boilers)
  • Air Handlers
  • (Indirect) domestic hot water tanks
  • Solar thermal systems (DHW heating & central heating back-up)

If you are looking for a complete hydronics solution, our team is prepared to help you design, size, procure, and even install your new system design or retrofit.

Increased Efficiency, Reduced Emissions, Reduced Energy Bills

All of Viessmann’s boilers contain innovative efficiency-increasing and emission reducing technologies. Whether it be the industry’s first intelligent combustion management system found in the Vitodens 200-W series, or the 99.4% actual efficiency of the Vitotron 100 electric boiler series, Viessmann maintains a focus on achieving home heating solutions with a reduced carbon footprint.

Premium Products at Competitive Pricing

Viessmann products are competitively priced premium products. When you compare boilers, make sure you consider all the features included a Viessmann boiler into your cost comparison and what you require from your system. Many of the features found in Viessmann boilers are not standard for the industry and require external accessories/components to make your system function, thus increasing costs. Things to consider include integrated pumps, controls, dedicated DHW supplies, or converting between natural gas and propane.

Want to learn more about Viessmann products across Canada?

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