iFlow EZEE Plumbing Kit for AHUs

By iFlow

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iFlow EZEE AHU Plumbing Kit - Faster & Simpler AHU & Tankless Installations

The iFlow EZEE Plumbing kit is a collection of everything required for installing your iFlow Hydronic Air Handling Unit. Since most iFLOW installations will require the same basic connection components, iFlow has collected the package of most require components.

Possible compatible hot water sources include, but are limited to:

  • tankless hot water heater / on-demand hot water heater
  • combi-boiler
  • dedicated boiler system

The iFlow EZEE Plumbing Kit for installing a hydronic AHU with a boiler or tankless water tank includes the following items:

  • Hot side isolation valve set (union, isolation valve, drain valve, PRV)
  • Cold side isolation valve set (union, isolation valve, drain valve, air purge valve)
  • Thermostatic Mixing valve
  • Grundfos UPS15-58RU circulator w/union connections & check valve
  • Return connection w/mini-expansion tank
  • Supply connection and w/ air vent
  • Corrugated stainless steel piping

More information about the iFlow AHU Plumbing Kit can be found below:

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