iFlow Hydronic Air Handler | iFLH-14000W

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By iFlow

Product Sizing
  • up to 14kW heating (~62,700 BTU/hr)
  • Cooling capacity rating for 1 ton to 2 tons
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No, this product does not have an Energy Star certification.

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  • 5 Year Parts
  • 10 Year Heat Exchanger

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iFlow 14000W Hydro Air Handler - the Smallest iFlow Air Handler

The iFLOW 14000W hydronic air handlers are designed to deliver the highest performance rating of any air handling unit, regardless of the hot water source. These unique hydronic furnaces are built for use in residential or commercial applications.

iFlow water furnaces are built for compatibility with almost any hot water source, and are also specifically designed for perfect integration with Navien Tankless water heaters.

iFlow hot water air handlers - a new generation of heating and cooling.

If you have any questions regarding these iFlow hydro air handlers, please contact us.

Key features of the iFlow iFLH-14000W hydronic air handling unit include:

  • Highest performance at 98% efficiency
  • Heating capacity up to 62,700 BTU/hr
  • Cooling capacity rating for 1-to-2 tons
  • Ultra-efficient heat-exchanger design with high-density aluminum fins
  • Installation flexibility allowing for up-flow, down-flow or horizontal applications
  • Smart zoning control helps to save gas & money
  • Intelligent iFLOW control board
  • Cost-effective & extremely quiet variable speed ECM fan motor & constant CFM
  • Smart home compatible, with built-in Wifi & an app available for iOS & Android phones
  • Full modulation with single or two stage settings for heating & cooling
  • Compatible with standard digital thermostats
  • Approved for potable (‘open’) water systems with anti-stagnation & DHW priority included in the control board
    • iFlow heating coils are constructed of potable water-grade copper
    • Lead-free solder used in assembly
  • Slide-out blower rail assembly for easy maintenance & removal with 4 screws
  • Designed for communication with a Navien Tankless Water Heater
  • Integrated sensors & built-in safety systems including, but not limited to:
    • Air & water supply & return temperature sensors
    • Humidity sensor included for cooling fan speed modulation & humidity control
    • Outdoor temperature sensor
    • Built-in home freeze protection
    • Evaporator freeze protection to protect the compressor
    • Audible alarm & visual alert if any service errors

More information about the iFlow iFLH-14000W water furnaces can be found below:

iFlow 14000W Hydronic Air Handler product page

iFlow Air Handler Product Dimensions & Sizing:

Model Numbers
Max. Heating Capacity
Dimensions (H x W x D)
iFLH-14000W 62,786 BTU/hr
27.13" x 14" x 18.75"
iFLH-16000W 76,982 BTU/hr
27.13" x 16" x 20.75"
iFLH-18000W 94,633 BTU/hr
29.13" x 18" x 25.75"