AO Smith ProLine XE Power Vent Gas Water Heater

This product was discontinued in 2022.

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High-Efficiency Water Heaters For Your Home, Built With Commercial-Grade Considerations

The power vented gas water heaters offered by AO Smith are some of the safest & highest quality gas water heaters on the market. These power vented water heaters offer higher energy efficiency than the atmospheric variants, meaning more hot water for less money for you & your loved ones (anyone else have a kid who loves 45 minute showers?).

These gas water heaters also come with a number safety & efficiency features designed for you to get the most out of your water heater, safely

  • ProLine models are residential water heaters made with commercial-grade quality, meaning a higher-quality & tested product to last longer in your hands
  • tanks are protected with a Blue Diamond glass coating, protecting the steel from corrosion, extending the life of your tank
  • state of the art diagnostics systems built in, easing the troubleshooting & repair process (less troubleshooting = lower labour costs = money saved)
  • a built-in gas detection sensor automatically shuts down the unit if flammable vapours are present, preventing a potentially catastrophic ignition
  • Canada EnerGuide EF Rating ratings of 0.68 to 0.70, depending on the model you choose
  • the ProLine XE Power Vent water heaters offered through BPH Sales meet or exceed Energy Star requirements (with a 4-star rating!) meaning more money back in YOUR pocket

If you have any questions additional questions regarding atmospheric vented gas water heaters, please visit our Support & Knowledge Center or contact us.

Installation services from only $1,450. To request a quote for installation from our trusted network of professionals, make sure to select "Yes - please connect me with a local professional" at checkout.

Note: it is possible to convert these natural gas water heaters to be propane compatible; please contact us directly for a quote.

Safety warning: this is a gas appliance, and as such, requires certified, professional installation. Failure to properly install & commission a gas furnace can lead to serious damage, injury, or death.


6 Year Limited Tank Warranty*

6 Year Limited Parts Warranty*

*2- & 4-year warranty extension kits are available for these models; contact us directly for more info

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Product Dimensions & Sizing Approximations:


Water Tank Capacity
BTU/Hr Input Dimensions (H x W x D)
40 US gallons (151 litres)
40,000 BTU/Hr 150cm x 56cm x 74cm
50 US gallons (189 litres)
40,000 BTU/Hr 153cm x 61cm x 79cm

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