Napoleon EQHub Smart Thermostat | WSC43BA-KT


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Napoleon Hybrid Heating Thermostat - EQHub Smart, So Much More than Just a Thermostat

In 2023, Napoleon released the industry's smartest smart thermostat - the EQHub Smart. The EQHub Smart will control and automatically switch between different heating sources using custom hybrid heating modes built right into the controller.

This unique functionality can even link in with some energy providers to optimize your home heating schedule based on current rates for electricity, gas, or other fuel sources! It is, quite simply, the smartest hybrid heating thermostat available.

Key features of the Napoleon EQHub Smart Thermostat (WSC43BA-KT) include:

  • Configurable for almost every possible home configuration - multi-zones, multi-fuel sources, and more
  • WiFi supported, meaning you can connect with your HVAC system from anywhere with WiFi over the Napoleon Home app for Android and iOS phones
  • Wall-mounted HD touch screen controller blends into your home environment
  • Wide range of modes, including but not limited to
    • cost savings mode
    • vacation mode
    • comfort mode
  • Calculated feedback on energy savings and costs

More information regarding this Napoleon Heat Pump Thermostat control can be found here:

Napoleon EQHub Product Page
Napoleon Home App

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