Napoleon NS18 Series 2 Ton Central Heat Pump


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  • NS18HV24A36, 2 Ton: 24,000 BTU/hr heating & cooling
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No, this product does not have an Energy Star certification.

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  • 10 Years Parts Limited Warranty
  • 10 Years Compressor Limited Warranty

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2 Ton Heat Pump & Coil for Central Air Heating & Cooling, All Year Round!

Napoleon's NS18 Series 2 Ton Heat Pumps are the optimal way to heat and cool your home! Plus, EVERY NS18 heat pump from BPH Sales will include a matching coil. This ensures that your system is optimally paired with components for the highest home comfort and efficiency. Less work and more home comfort for you!

With Whisper Quiet operation and a low vibration design, you will hardly even know they are there! Plus, know you are reducing your carbon footprint with their all-electric operation!

Available in 2 to 3 ton or 4 to 5 ton sizes, there is a NS18 for all family-sized homes with central heating and cooling systems. NS18 Heat Pumps are compatible with almost all matched furnaces and air handlers, you may be able to save money and re-use parts of your existing central HVAC system!

Running a Smart Home System, or looking to upgrade to a smart system? Napoleon NS18 systems are compatible with almost all 24V smart home or smart thermostats. Keep your home connected when you upgrade!

For added assurance that you are purchasing a product great for a Canadian home, NS 18 Heat Pumps along with the Napoleon 18SEER Air Handlers are even listed in NRCAN Greener Homes program as Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump systems!

Key features and benefits of the Napoleon NS18 two ton (NS18HV24A36) air source heat pumps:

Made-in-Canada Lifebreath HRVs and air exchanger controls Quality-made in Ontario, Canada
NS18 Heat Pumps Offer the widest performance range in the industry for heating and cooling a home

 Widest temperature range for ANY residential heat pumps available in the industry! Rated for heating in temperatures as low as -30°C and cooling for as high as +54°C.

Lifebreath HRV Core Cross Flow Design

Every NS18 Heat Pump includes a matching coil, ensuring that your system has all the correctly matched components for optimal efficiency and home comfort.

Model NS18HV24A36 rated for 2 tons of heating and cooling with a correctly matched coil.

Variable inverter compressor and vapour injection technology can achieve 100% heating capacity at -20°C and 100% cooling at 46°C.

The Hyper Heat DC Inverter Rotary Compressor is rated to operate at -30°C and approved for cold climate operations.

lifebreath controls power supply

Don't sacrifice on your carbon footprint reductions or home comfort with the NS18 heat pumps!

Reduce your home heating carbon footprint with the all-electric operation, meaning no burning gases to heat or cool your home!

Low Noise operation of the NS18 with WHISPER QUIET technology and low vibrations

 Whisper Quiet operation with a low-vibration design for VERY quiet operation. You won't even know it's running!

Slimline designed controls from Lifebreath

NS18 Heat Pumps are side condensing with smaller footprint for narrow spaces.

NS18 Heat pumps are designed to be either ground mounted or wall mounted.

Multiple modes of operation with your lifebreath controller NS18 Series Heat Pumps are compatible with 24V smart thermostats, heat pump thermostats, or smart home systems
Lifebreath HRV Maintenance Required Icon

Rest easy knowing you are covered by Napoleon's 10 Year Limited Warranty coverage

Lifebreath Controller COmpatability

Pair your central heat pump with an air handler or furnace! Compatible with any matched furnace and coil system with 24V communication

Factory Tested Units before they leave the warehouse All NS18 units are fully tested in the factory before shipment, securing only fully qualified and functioning units enter the field

More information regarding the Napoleon NS18 series can be found below:

Napoleon NS18 Central Heat Pump Series

Napoleon NS18 Central Heat Pump Brochure

Product Dimensions & Sizing Approximations:

Heating & Cooling Capacity
Dimensions (H x W x D)
5 ton heat pump + coil
5 Ton: 54,000 BTU/hr heating & cooling
136.5 x 100 x 37 cm
(53.75 x 39.38 x 14.5 inches)
4 ton heat pump + coil
4 Ton: 48,000 BTU/hr heating & cooling
136.5 x 100 x 37 cm
(53.75 x 39.38 x 14.5 inches)
3 ton heat pump + coil
3 Ton: 36,000 BTU/hr heating & cooling
82 x 94 x 46 cm(32.25 x 37 x 18.13 inches)
2 ton heat pump + coil
2 Ton: 24,000 BTU/hr heating & cooling
82 x 94 x 46 cm(32.25 x 37 x 18.13 inches)