Napoleon HomeShield UV-C Air Sanitizer - Replacement Lamps (UVB18 or UVB60)

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Replacement Lamps for Napoleon HomeShield UV-C Air Sanitizers

We spend a lot of time cleaning & disinfecting door handles, countertops, and even ourselves. But, have you thought about the cleaning the air circulating in your home?

Napoleon’s UV-C air sanitization system uses Philips UV-C technology to keep your home’s air at its best by eradicating airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria and mold. The same method that’s used in hospitals, UV-C technology is another defense against threats like coronaviruses and the cold & flu season.

Pair your UV-C Replacement Lamps With New Furnace Filters to Keep Your HVAC System & You Running Even Healthier!

What are the differences between the Standard Grade & Medical Grade?

The Standard Grade ('low output') unit work primarily to irradiate the evaporator coil of mould spores or bacterial growth. A low output 36W UV module with ample coil exposure time will effectively render the microbes ineffective and unable to multiply. This prevents the evaporator coil from becoming blocked, helping to maintain the efficiency and service life of your HVAC system.

The Medical Grade ('high output') unit performs the same as the Standard Grade, helping to keep your system free of mould or bacterial growth, as well as reducing airborne microbes ability to reproduce and multiply in air streams. Exposure time is very important in the high output module - different types of microbes require varying amounts of UV-C exposure to render them ineffective. The slower the air passes by the UV-C system, the greater the effect of the UV-C system.

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Part numbers:

UVB60 (Medical Grade)

UVB18 (Standard Grade)